Why PurVIEW:

1. Seamlessly Integrated
2. No CAD, no translation, no retrograde
3. Geodatabase-direct editing/mapping
Intensive feature digitizing/retrofitting geodatabase-direct.
Total reworking is sometimes a better way to upgrade legacy data. The task is intensive but simple point, line and polygon digitizing.

With smooth image roaming, enhanced digitizing tools and 3D input devices, MX transforms Arc-desktops into industrial-strength mapping workstations.

  • Aerial frame-camera image models
  • RPC imbedded space-borne imagery
  • ADS-40, ASTER, SPOT imagery

Despite CAD sophistications, point-to-point digitizing is a standard technique in compiling feature objects, with the image interpreter selecting the critical location for point placement.

The MX interface for 3D digitizing device supports Immersion SoftMouse 3D mouse or compatible.

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